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Thursday, August 29, 2013

new baby

Our Crystal Fay gave birth to her first cria about 15 days early, but with no problems and he was fully cooked! The sire is Renaissance Farms' Prime Minister. This cria looks like his father with crimpy fine fleece, perfect conformation. We are hoping he will do as well in the show ring as his father! We are pleased that Crystal has plenty of milk. we used lactation herbs with her starting the first of August to encourage milk production, since this was her first cria, we didn't know how she would do. She is a watchful mom. Usually cria's follow their mother. In this case, the independent cria runs off, and mom runs after him, calling him with a distinctive hum! Crystal's mother is in the foaling pen with her, and is due one day after Crystals's due date (September 9th). She usually delivers early, so we're hoping and watching her anxious to see Denali's first cria hit the ground. We expect a total of 5 crias this fall, come visit us and experience the joy of watching crias at play.